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Climb New Heights with a MindManager International Value Added Partner

What is MIVAP?

MIVAPMIVAP is a collection of professionals, located around the world, whose core business focuses almost entirely around Mindjet® MindManager® and its application within a business environment. The collective time invested in honing our skills and knowledge of MindManager and its application is more than a century and we continue to learn each day.

Individual businesses with a common passion, MIVAP’s offer “value add” to MindManager users in the shape of Training, Add-ins, Custom Solutions, Content and Consultancy and often collaborate to deliver client requirements as part of a team. This website is the next step in our evolution and is aimed at those individuals, teams and companies, large and small, looking to get the maximum return on their MindManager investment.

"We want YOU to benefit from OUR knowledge"


Our website aims to achieve two things; firstly, we want to introduce you to the growing number of MIVAP members and showcase some of the work that we have done for clients in the past so you can see the type of services we offer and how they may help you. Secondly, we want to share with you some of our knowledge and best practice through blog articles, how to guides, videos and simple tips and tricks to help you really shake the wheels off MindManager and improve the way it is used in your day to day business.

Subscribe to the site to get notified each time a new article is posted and even be a part of the discussion by joining the conversation in the comments as we share our knowledge and maybe the odd secret every now and then.


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