Cabre helps businesses, organisations and individuals to understand, structure and manage their processes and projects. It uses graphical software, inspired by Mind Mapping, that allows the user to transfer ideas from brainstorming to final publication, as documents, project plans, presentations, process diagrams and web sites/pages. The maps can also form the basis for further work in many other  applications.

Customised courses and workshops are provided for Clients who wish to organise in house training. Cabre has delivered courses to a variety of clients including the Management Teams of a National Charity, a NHS Trust and a Housing Organisation, the IT Support Departments for a multi-national Bank, a Travel Bank, IFAs, Lawyers, Management Consultants and a Building Consultancy.

Andrew Wilcox

Andrew Wilcox

Managing Director

Andrew has been using MindManager® since 1996 and started Cabre in 2005.

Tel: +44 01962 738534

Customer Quotes

Andrew trained me on web export from MindManager using screen sharing and Skype. This is a really cost-effective, energy efficient and time-saving way to meet and share material, and I can’t recommend the approach highly enough.

Web export is an area that I’d only dabbled in, despite several years’ intensive use of MindManager and around 500 mind maps, most produced in customer situations including live meetings. The training provoked lots of ideas, and I’m still discovering new ways to use the tools and techniques that we discussed. MindManager can bring ideas from your head to the web quickly, in an organised way, and then give you the power to maintain, revise and refresh your ideas with economy of effort and time. Andrew can get you there sooner!”

John Holden

I arranged for an afternoon one-to-one session on Mindmanager with Andrew as I’d realised that to get the best out of the software I needed some expert guidance. In advance of the session Andrew went through my needs in some detail and then delivered a superb training sessions that answered all of my questions and more. It would be fair to say that the training has transformed my use of the software. I can now create a mindmap about five times quicker than I could and have started using the software for project planning with Andrew’s help. His deep knowledge of the software and the amount of resources he was able to point me to has been a revelation. I would heartily recommend him as a trainer, and I’m already planning his return to work with my team on using the software across the organisation. Money well spent and a very effective use of time.


The content of the sessions was excellent in terms of the scope of what I was taught, the ability level that it was pitched at and the patience and understanding with which it was delivered.

Andrew’s knowledge of the material is extensive and his communication skills excellent: Coupled together, these meant that he was able to answer all my questions and often anticipate what I might need to know before I did and to teach me why I would need to know points that I did not yet see as relevant – the hallmark of a fantastic teacher.

Magnus Boyd

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