Gyronix was founded in 2003 in response to increasing pressures on return on investment and management of total cost of ownership of advanced software tools.

Many corporations now recognise that the total cost of ownership includes the learning curve needed to achieve effective use of new software tools and integrate them into daily productivity. It is better to use a smaller number of tools and systems well, rather than to make only limited use of a larger set.

Purchasing software and then under-utilising it is a common hazard, as competitive and time pressures continue to rise. Gyronix delivers a faster return on investment for its clients by providing both powerful tools and the disciplines and techniques needed to put them to effective use.

Gyronix’ consultants are also used by Mindjet to provide specialised support, training and integration services for Mindjet’s clients, and have participated in the development of the last four generations of MindManager software.

Nik Tipler

Nik Tipler

Chief Rhino

Nik is the owner of Gyronix and has been delivering consultancy with MindManager® since 2003.

Tel: +44 (0)1732 744499

Gyronix Showcase

ResultsManager sweeps maps looking for incomplete activities, and dynamically creates focused dashboards designed to support action and review processes.

MindManager® makes it easy to visualise your outcomes and projects, while ResultsManager™ makes it easy to stay organised enough to execute them.

The dashboard maps created by ResultsManager can be personalised and customised to maximise usability. You can work with them in Map or Outline view.

You can also amend your dashboard maps, and changes are mirrored back to the original maps from which they originated.

Customer Quotes

Congratulations… ResultsManager is a marvelous product…

Fabulous product… really great flexibility

It has transformed the way I use MindManager…

Do I use MindManager? I’m married to it!

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