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I have been working with business users of visualisation software since 1998, and still recall the first time I encountered “mind mapping” software. I knew nothing about proper mind mapping then, and still don’t, but was kept awake the whole night with visions of how the software could one day be used to make business knowledge more shareable and accessible. Although the industry and everyone around me has grown up since then, that excitement still remains.

Since then I have designed and developed dozens of extensions, as both commercial products and custom projects, to help users turn their mind mapping software into solutions for recognised business problems. Commercial titles include the MindManuals. com content products, MiniProject, Gyronix ResultsManager, GyroQ, DecisionMill, Power Markers and Network Builder. I developed the first ever exports from mind mapping software to MS PowerPoint and MS Project in 1999, was the technical editor for Wiley’s “MindManager for Dummies” book, and have authored two editions of the Mindjet MindManager API documentation. I have also  helped resellers to establish in the UK, and developed prototypes of other visualisation tools and software for clients.

Nick Duffill

Nick Duffill


Nick is Principal of Harport Consulting and has more than 18 years experience of applying MindManager® in business.

Email: nick@harportconsulting.com
Web: http://www.harportconsulting.com
Tel: +44 (0)1478 640354

Harport Consulting Showcase – Training

Best Practice Framework Course

Harport Consulting offers Best Practice Framework training for business users of “mind mapping” software, who are already familiar with their software.

The Best Practice Framework course has one simple learning outcome – to design maps that can be understood by anyone. Too often, we assume that our business maps are as clear to others as they are to us, but this is often not the case. If you are working collaboratively with others in business and using mind mapping software, you may already have experienced some of the effects of this.

The white paper, Mind the gap: the assumption built into mind mapping software describes the background to this issue and shows a sample solution. To access the Lab downloads area for this paper and other resources, simply sign up for the Harport Consulting Labs newsletter.

Best Practice Framework

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