Software development. Mind Mapping automation applications. Mind Mapping courses.

Specialism/Abilities: Application of Mind Mapping automation to Insurance and Banking using C#.NET, ASP.NET, Python,Java. Our own high performance tools for Mind Mapping automation. Mind Mapping courses.

José M. Guerrero

José M. Guerrero

Managing Director

José has been Owner/Director of Infoseg since 1989 and looks after MindManager® users in Spain.

Tel: +34-93-141.68.97

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Software framework to automate the generation of mind maps in order to exchange information between the stakeholders of the insurance industry. From insurance companies to brokers and customers. From insurance brokers to customers. Any information expressed in our standard XML format is converted into mind. Bespoke application development.


Software framework to develop applications of mind mapping in the Healthcare industry. Discharge instructions, per-operative instruction, Personal Health Record, Big Data visualization, management reporting, digital medicine labels. Any information expressed in our standard XML format is converted into mind maps and sent by email or uploaded to the cloud by FTP. Bespoke application development.


Visualization of LinkedIn information as mind maps. Contacts, companies, jobs. Using the REST API of LinkedIn. Bespoke application development, for example in the analysis of professional origin and destination of employees of a company.

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Tel: +34-93-141.68.97