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Knowledge Mappers is a unique, Scottish-based information mapping consultancy company dedicated to connecting people with the information they need to know using maps (of all sorts!).


What We Do “In A Nutshell”
Our skill lies in our ability to create digital information maps & visual knowledge framework resources on just about any subject that help individuals and groups:-

  • more efficiently discover, capture, organise, manage, retrieve, share and act on the information they need to know, in order to get done what they need to do.
  • make connections and gain business-intelligence insights they didn’t have before.
  • stay in control of their workflow and not feel overwhelmed by “information overload”.
  • save time and money and increase their return-on-investment.
  • get a lot more done with a lot less stress… :-).


Geographic Information Mapping & GIS
We have over 25 years expertise in geographic information mapping consultancy using GIS software tools like ESRI, MapInfo, & QGIS, and map-enabled, online information portal tools like Google Maps, Earth & Charts.
For example our School Travel Health Check spatial analysis service provides local authorities, school communities and other stakeholders interested in how children travel to school and how far they travel to get there, with quality spatial intelligence data via an online portal. This enables them to quantify and visualise the actual school travel situation down to individual school level, which helps them to better target their limited behaviour-change resources to achieve modeshift to more active and sustainable modes of travel on the “school run”.


Business Information (“Mind”) Mapping
Our “traditional” mapping skills are complemented by over 15 years expertise in Mindjet MindManager, the worlds best business information (“mind”) mapping software, whose flexibility and productivity-boosting features make it the “digital tool of first resort” for anybody who works with digital information (ie. just about everybody!). As part of the official Mindjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network, we help support the 2 million+ MindManager users worldwide – including over half of the Global 2000 and Fortune 500 Corporations – with integrated services providing bespoke map content, training, development and consultancy as well as “off-the-shelf” knowledge framework maps to download from our online store.

Angus McDonald

Angus McDonald

Founder & CEO

Angus is the Founder & CEO of Knowledge Mappers and has over 25 years expertise in information mapping (of all sorts!) in both the public and private sectors.

Email: angus@knowledgemappers.com
Web: http://www.knowledgemappers.com
Tel: +44 (0)1875 811467

Knowledge Mappers News

APRIL 2016 – Knowledge Mappers have won a place on the UK Public Sector Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework Contract, making us the only Mindjet Value Added Partner out of the 2700+ suppliers on the UK Public Sector Digital Marketplace, and certainly the only one offering our unique combination of information mapping skills and expertise.

We will continue to create our map-enabled online information portals for UK public sector clients (such as this one for our School Travel Health Check spatial analysis service), as we have done since 2005. However we also look forward to helping the knowledge workers of the UK public sector realise the benefits of making Mindjet MindManager their “go to” digital information tool, for example for all aspects & phases of their agile / digital transformation projects (just one of the many “all-in-one” applications of MindManager).

We are also keen to explore collaborative and / or sub-contracting opportunities with other suppliers on the framework. Please contact us to find out how our agile geographic and information mapping skills can help deliver your digital transformation projects and programs more efficiently.

Knowledge Mappers Showcase

To celebrate being the only Mindjet Value Added Partner on the new UK Public Sector Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework contract and the UK Governments online Digital Marketplace, we are offering a 25% discount on our unique UK Government Digital Services Design Manual map for MIVAP customers. Our “map of the official digital transformation roadmap” contains >2000 branches hyperlinked through to the online Digital Services Design Manual, as well as to every article on the UK Government Digital Service blog,
25% Discount – Use code “MIVAP-2” at the checkout.

To celebrate the launch of the International Mindjet Value Added Partner network official website, we are offering our World Atlas maps at a 25% discount to MIVAP customers. These are the ultimate knowledge resources for anybody who researches countries and country-based information on a regular basis. For example, our Countries of the World Research Atlas (Geographic Layout) has over 5500 branches hyperlinked to a range of free websites with definitive and comprehensive information about the country (including the BBC, CIA and Wikipedia).
25% Discount – Use code “MIVAP-3” at the checkout.

To celebrate the release of our newly enhanced and expanded range of calendar maps, we are offering MIVAP customers a 25% discount. Our popular calendar maps now take advantage of MindManagers unique embedded spreadsheet functionality, making them even more versatile in helping users plan ahead and have their best, most organised (and most informed!) years ever! Basic calendars are now available up to 2030 whilst Standard Calendars, which include 100’s of major, publicly significant international / national diary events linked to the relevant websites about them, to 2018.
25% Discount – Use code “MIVAP-4” at the checkout.

Knowledge Mappers Customer Testimonials

Excellent collection of Wiki information at our fingertips! Tony Fernando

Wikimedia Projects Map user

This work is a rarity, a product from a small consultancy that is motivated by a desire to achieve change and not just to make money. The output is excellent and does help to achieve change. Better still it comes at a very modest price that we cannot match in-house. Kevin Speakman

North Somerset Council

Knowledge Mappers Accreditations


We are also registered as a supplier on the Public Contracts Scotland website, which is used by the Scottish Government, Scottish local authorities and the wider Scottish Public sector. Try us for a “Quick Quote” 🙂

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Knowledge Mappers

5 Colbourne Close, Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 8BW
Tel: +44 208 144 4224
Email: nigel.goult@olympic-limited.co.uk